A Lone Chrysanthemum, poetry by Wayne Jermin at Spillwords.com
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A Lone Chrysanthemum

A Lone Chrysanthemum

written by: Wayne Jermin



I held your hand
As you took your last breath
Just like you held mine
As I took my first
The void you left us with
Can never be truly filled
But as I look at you now
I know you’re at peace
And reunited with your Ron.
Those around me are in tears
Hysterical with cries
But I just stare at you
Still holding your hand
Remembering the love you gave us
The laughter, the comfort
That will never be replaced.
When I finally let your hand go
I kissed you on the forehead
And whispered Thank You
Thank you for being the best
For giving us the best
For making us feel like we are the best.
I sat alone for some time after
Away from the hospital bed
For I knew you were no longer there
You still managed to comfort me
Even in my melancholy silence
As my eyes filled with water
I spot a lone white chrysanthemum
Blossoming in the flower bed.

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