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A Million Miles To Flutter

written by: Hersh



I wanted to fly far
Far away from here
From our supposed civilized world
To a place,
Unknown to all
But to me and you
To a place,
Far beyond hatred and aversion
Someplace beyond imagination
And as I rebelled,
They slashed away my wings with swords
Bounded me in chains
And imprisoned me till eternity
They burned my soul till I gave in
They could slay me
But never can they kill the rebel inside
As death is only the beginning of me
And one day,
When the time would demand

I will reborn
I will revive from the scars and burns
As the phoenix,
I will rise from the ashes
Ashes of the martyrs who fought till immortality
And one day,
When the time would demand
I will spread my wounded wings and fly
Far. Far Away.



An aspiring poet coming out of India.

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