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A Moment

written by: Elaine Marie



In a moment, there is a knowing
A feeling…
That cannot be explained
A thrilling… moment
Filled with a primal force that does not fade
Etched in time…
A union… that becomes greater
Deeper with new knowledge
The experience… is known… and
Yet unknown… constantly evolving…
Undulating… diminishing then burgeoning anew
A gentle wisp of memory like hair blown by the winds
Like the fierce passion of a long-awaited kiss
The feeling of that moment…
Warm skin to skin…
In embrace of…
A moment… that is more…
A scent… a smile… a tear suspended
Forever in memory of that moment…



I love the sentiment of this poem. It is the moments of our life that matter most and that we remember in the end.

Elaine Marie

Elaine Marie

Elaine Marie Carnegie, formerly a Paralegal and Private Investigator, worked a side gig as a local Newspaper Journalist for many years before taking a hiatus from the P&PI day job and accepting a partnership in the Hill Country Publishing Company, and then Stone Pony Publishing. She has worked with both the FBI and the Texas Rangers, written for Discovery ID on Human Trafficking. Her articles have been used in the Texas Legislature as well as utilized in curriculum for regional Texas school systems. Writing full time now she lives in the idyllic East Texas Piney Woods in a hidden cove on a private lake, doing what she loves and living her best life! You can find her online at her website - Author Elaine Marie.
Elaine Marie

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