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A Mulberry Spring

A Mulberry Spring

written by: Dolonchampa Chakraborty


A woman’s desire to live
Is not hers

A combined will power of those around her
That turns her charm, her smiles and tears

To a beautiful day when butterflies flutter
And her nose-pin falls

Into the well of colorful shadows
Of flowers, clouds and rain

That the woman picks out one by one
To keep the shadows clean

The shadow’s depth, blackness and touch
Becomes her

She breaks the stone masonry underground
With lucid force she starts flowing

Towards an ocean that she hasn’t met before
Nobody picks her up, nobody can

Hold her strong, wrap her in warmth
No one spreads a sky for her

To plant geranium and rose
Her earthen planters stay empty

Sadness grows in them
Sadness of different colors and size

Different kind of blues
Make a warm bunch of loneliness

In her habit to keep the darkness clean
She picks up her loneliness carefully

Gives each a mythological name
Places a vase in the middle of her heart

Where red and blue sails are unfurled
To steer the wooden boats clear of iceberg’s path

And catch the dewdrops at night
To fill the vase halfway

So that the blossoms stay fresh
To remind her on gloomy days

A woman’s desire to live is a struggle
Like a river she crushes her curse

Buries them under the Mulberry tree
Where Sparrows are born
And creates a bloodline for another universe

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