A Mystic Winter's Eve written by LadyLily at Spillwords.com
Chris Sherman

A Mystic Winter’s Eve

A Mystic Winter’s Eve

written by: LadyLily



Fireflies loom lanterns
above a marbled, rippled rivulet.
A blood moon lends reflections
to a platinum lake
as Evening Primulas are summoned by Venus.

Sunset…terracotta flames, jasper sparks.
Shooting stars flirt with an infant rainbow,
steely ash falls to pearly debris,
cradled by ebony earth
as Roses glow like old rubies.

Shrouds of silken webs
catch stars dribbling rays,
a thousand Swan carvings float…
as nature’s flora slumbers.

Curly moonstone mists quiver a mirage,
awaiting seduction of wandering spirits.
An eerie aura spawned by phantoms
conjures Goddesses,
captures and spellbinds their innocent souls.
Winter Jasmines, colourless, lonely,
grieving for sun-strokes
to deliver their loveliness.

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