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A New Beginning

written by: Bridie Murphy


She opens the satchel one last time
She mustn’t forget a thing
Her books, her lunch box, pencil case
And that note she has to bring

She checks her tie’s got her name on it
And straightens it with care
She looks so pretty standing there
With the pigtails in her hair

She lifts the bag onto her back
I tell her she looks cool
It’s time to leave, she blows a kiss
Today she starts big school!

Bridie Murphy

Bridie Murphy

JULY 2020 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
I am a retired teacher and photographer also. Having grown up a country girl I love spending time outdoors with my grandchildren, taking them to scenic places and sharing our beautiful natural surroundings with them. Nature and experiences shared with them inspire me to write.
Bridie Murphy

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