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written by: Rochishmon



A new flower has blossomed-

Hither to unknown flower that is. Perhaps, at some point in time a few sages, a few saints would have described that flower. But no one had an experience of that flower so far. By and large people are not heedful to sages and saints, is it not? Geniuses, intellectuals are not at all aware of that flower. That is a nameless and creedless flower and that was not touched by any religion.

To the branch of thought a new flower has blossomed-

Like the fragrance that has pervaded in a desert, ease has settled in the heart. Like the light of dawn at midnight, calmness has spread in the brain.

A new flower has blossomed-

Soul was enthralled by that flower. A kind of divine benignity must have turned as the zephyr and the zephyr has blown. That new flower has moved. I too have moved along with the flower. My sleep has departed. My eyes have opened.

I was dreaming…

I saw the new flower in my dream. As I woke up, that flower vanished just like the dream.

My dream must come true. That flower must blossom truly. In the world, purity must take place serenely, and serenity must take place purely.

Hither to unknown tranquility must permeate along with peace across the globe.

That new flower is but, the to-be- originated right idea within us.

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