A New World Order, a poem written by Bruce Levine at Spillwords.com

A New World Order

A New World Order

written by: Bruce Levine



A new world order
In a brave new world
Staying together while apart
In an age of technology

A pandemic inflicted
With increasing velocity
Of a planned reality
By a hidden few

Overloaded circuits
And synaptic transgressions
Real and artificial
In a virtual life

A peaceful revolution
Toward artificial intelligence
A robotic takeover
Of the human experience

Life revisited
In broken segments
Transfused transmissions
Rejoined yet incomplete

In a new world order
Of emotional isolation
Perpetual short circuits
Revealed through iron masks

Hidden observations
Refined by feared suppressions
Expressed in PC moments
As frustrations multiply

Psychic prognostications
Revealed in a new world order
Connected by wave length authority
Contained in a wireless life

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