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A Novel Storm

A Novel Storm

written by: Bikram Sutradhar


A novel storm has started,
even more horrible than ‘a kalboishskhi’;
The world seems to have taken aback,
A spooky desert all around.

Most of the birds have returned to their home;
Some being trapped in the storm,
have made their home in unknown trees.
And a few paying zero attention to the storm,
have set up exodus for their leaf-litter;
Hunger is even more dangerous than death!
The world’s been never so helpless before.

Today even god has come out of holy corners,
got mixed up with
the committed souls of ‘devotees for mankind’.
Is the storm really so strong?
Does it not have an end?
Nah, everything has an inevitable end.
But what if we run out before it reaches the end?
Don’t worry,
There is nothing to fear.
The world has awakened;
Jumped into the war against this novel storm;
Has announced a universal war with closed doors.
That the world is so united has never been witnessed before.

The storm will reach the end very soon
A new dawn is ahead,
with a new sun, a new air and a new lesson
That the world will be so new,
no one ever thought of.

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