A Painful Victory, poetry by Lady Margrethe at Spillwords.com

A Painful Victory

A Painful Victory

written by: Lady Margrethe



Fragments of lies and deceit
haunt me like the night
that follows the day.
Vivid memories
of stolen glances
like sharp knives
piercing my heart.

It is not a gift
that I have let my whole being
drowning into you,
and I have become your shadow.
Your every move I can taste,
even the bitter-sweet words
from your enticing mouth
like fasciculins from a snake.

Yes, I have lived
in the damn dream
of believing everything
will fall back right into place.
Remembering the first summer
when you told me
with tears in your eyes
how much you love me.

Yes, I have metamorphosized
into a different Rhopalocera,
flying back each moonlit night
to where you have led me,
submissively allowing your
Machiavellian hand
take me away from each
beautiful morning I deserve.

No, I cannot be as helpless
As the waves when the wind blows
Or the sky when thunder strikes
And as the predator attacks.
But until I do
And I’m still loving you
I bestow victory to this devotion
Dancing blindly with reason.

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