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A Pause On Armistice Day

A pause on armistice day

written by: Ian Thompson



As our thoughts wonder,
With heroes that fell,
And their families at home,
With stories to tell

We fall silent this day,
To remember them all,
The days young men died,
But our country stood tall.

The loss of so many,
That were hardly full grown,
Paid the ultimate price,
Fighting for home.

The echo of gun fire,
Hangs in the air,
When bravery turns futile,
And hope, to despair.

Bodies like pebbles,
Cover the sand,
With photos of loved ones,
Clutched in their hand.

Comrades fight on,
While their colleagues lay dead,
The sea glowing pink,
And the rivers run red.

Churchill first spoke,
Of blood sweat and toil,
But who thought that so many,
Would lay dead on home soil.

Children in bed,
Writing letters of love,
While air raids and bombs shells,
Litter skies up above.

Telegrams of bad tidings,
Wives and mothers ask why?
Frightened soldiers in trenches,
Trying hard not to cry.

We are proud of our heroes,
Who paid the ultimate cost,
Although we’ve won wars,
Many battles we’ve lost.

So we stand here in silence,
Tall, proud and bold,
Remembering lost souls,
That never grew old.

We feel a debt,
As our heads hang in sorrow,
Because for our today,
They gave their tomorrow.

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