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A Peculiar Forest

A Peculiar Forest

written by: Manvi Singh


Here in the middle of a vast forest I stand,
where the land is sensitive like quicksand.
Pitch black trees cast a dark shadow on my right,
while pure white ones on the left glow bright.
Blinding Mist surrounds me,
and an unusually strong glass is closing the way behind me.

There only are tree barks hiding in mist as far as I see.
All The Perplexities I couldn’t foresee,
Is there something I’m missing?
With every wrong step I take I feel my feet sink.
The shadows are growing darker.
Light is going farther.

There are a hundred ways out,
Yet mine is still unknown.
What I’ve heard may not be true,
although, It doesn’t have to be all false.
I could even be looking for something I’ve already known,
After all what is there that I know?

The better place I can never go back to.
Though the glass makes me see it clear as crystal right through.
I wish it was greener,
If only the path was clearer.

Even so, Would it mean anything?
If I had everything?
Even if I could go back,
and Change my track,
would I remain just as lost
even if I corrected my Fault?

Perhaps this is the Moment of test,
to pick out the best.
Or maybe this place was fate,
where my anxious thoughts would break.
Is it that I’m paying for whatever I’ve had?
Could I be better than I had?

The uncertainty is scaring me.
Can I possibly get through this journey?
Will I get what I seek at the ending?
Without knowing anything,
I can only keep walking straight,
don’t you relate?

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