A Season of Arrest, a poem by Paul Bamidele Olayioye at Spillwords.com
Denny Muller

A Season of Arrest

A Season of Arrest

written by: Paul Bamidele Olayioye


They were fetters on my hands
Like a patriotic criminal
Whose life is damned in barred stocks

Leading me down the aisle of doom
They wore corrupted berets
Holding batons like a divine scepter
Barons like crowned kings,

While they grip my senile body
Dragging it to prison

Why did you dress my arms and ankles
With iron stocks and shackles
As if I did kill the law?

You are the law
For you change the tide of court’s verdict
And sail the justice law to the island,
You are the law
Since you could change the church’s precession
Like the spinning trees in summer

You are the law
Since you pronounce me guilty
And order sloughy men
Bridle me to a dungeon.

You are the law
For you smile when you rally
But your frown arm is peril
Even to the innocuous peasants

How can I forget
Your stricken pain in prison
For to the hundred generations
I will show to them
The sterilized scar
I hide on my senile skin.

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