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A Seasonal View

A Seasonal View

written by: John Patrick Robbins


Nothing under a tree can compare when the nights go silent and it’s simply shared between two.

As with time we made memories.
And now that it’s over.
Memories are all I have to hold when in the glow of lights hung from the tree haunt my thoughts and this night lingers.

In life we have chapters.
And some written in love most be closed in pain.

But as a snow flake every love is different.
And the perfection of that moment is my evergreen as the night simply passes slowly by.

I view the couples together walking past on the street below my apartment’s view.

Lost in the bliss that is the magic and true meaning of this night.
And just like Christmas it’s a moment spent best between two.

Never regret just love the moment for what it is.

Merry Christmas from a frozen view.

John Patrick Robbins

John Patrick Robbins

John Patrick Robbins is the editor in chief of the Rye Whiskey Review and Black Shamrock Magazine. His latest book 'Are We Dead Yet?' is published by Black Circle Publishing. His work is often dark and always unfiltered.
John Patrick Robbins

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