A Seed With A Need, a poem written by Charlie Bottle at Spillwords.com

A Seed With A Need

A Seed With A Need

written by: Charlie Bottle



She asked me “Where is your past?”
I replied “it is not a place without me,
nor a place within me,
it is neither light or heavy
yet it goes with me in my memory.”

She asked me “What is your past?”
I replied “it is not what it is,
but what it all was, it’s not an image I carry,
it is rather like an accordion album,
one memory joined to the other.”

She asked me “How was your past”
I replied “it was like it is now
the rising and falling of my chest
as one breath exhaled, another inhaled,
it’s rate depending on the moment’s drama.”

She asked me “What does your past do?”
I replied “It does as much as a wooden chest does,
In times of need, I reach in and pull out a memory
stored within each need is a seed,
I plant it so I can grow and learn in this moment.”

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