A Silent Summer, poetry written by LadyLily at Spillwords.com

A Silent Summer

A Silent Summer

written by: LadyLily



Tall Lily, saint like,
Fragrance, frankincense incense…
Flirts with Wrens and gossiping Wagtails.
Clouds passing, dispensing slate capsules,
Like an apple tree shedding its blossoms.

Witch-hazel’s scarlet skirts
flare in red-headed flames.
Pink, flat Roses smile with envy
in an air of stillness,
intertwined with a floral dawn.
Plum trees shake confetti over mauve Million Bells.

Buttercups swish,
echoing politeness to halos of Daisies.
Ringed Doves sip silvery water
from a marbled birdbath.
Mallows sneeze,
their frocks spun by spinning winds.

Geums screw up their faces,
while Aphids suck sticky sap.
Swifts salute their love of life,
twittering beautifully
as Stocks wiggle green fingered consent.
Spiders embroider red pinprick infants
who scatter from sudden breeze.

A silent Summer, star-lit eyed,
May’s day lit by moonstones came and went,
June, a buried treasure, gems of time.
Yellow Butterflies shadowed by a saffron scarf
hold the atmosphere…
like a Queen holding her crown.
Spreading aromas lift the heart and soul,
Colours flood open minds with imagination.

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