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A Simple Reject

written by: Art Blacktooth


I had missed my train in life, a lone marker in the sand-swept clean by the tide. From an early age, you condition your mind to follow a certain path, a wayward instinct which tells your heart which direction is true north. I had many stubborn notions about my destiny, but my compass was ultimately broken – what a piece of shit.

Like a ship tossed at sea, my heart sank with foolish pride. I was ignorant. I counted the sullen years as I tiptoed through chaos, a resilient fog which clouded my judgment in static. As friendships crumbled into strains of white powder, my own taste for wrath increased with every sip of Vodka.

As baby steps turned to futility, I discovered a reckless career that laughed in my face. Bones were broken, violence was money, and fast women did nothing to fill the dirty hamper in my soul. Everything was a bankrupt lie from guardian angels who promised humanity.

One fine day, well after human nature had its way with me, after the circus of bastards had left town, I sat shivering in my cardboard box, a mouth tasting of ash and pity. Old and feeble, I was wasted beyond my years. I hadn't bathed in months. City sirens and toxic fumes were the essence of my symphony. My naked tears go unnoticed now. I weep in silence, a simple reject from day one...

Art Blacktooth

Art Blacktooth

Art Blacktooth is a creative surgeon. He dabbles in literature, photography and illustration and lives in sunny Florida. His goals are to blend his unique flavor of poetry with abstract visuals, to share and inspire new ways for expressing prose...
Art Blacktooth

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