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A Single Raindrop

written by: Henry Bladon


A single raindrop lands on the crow
who flaps his wings in a shivering dance.

A single raindrop pauses
on the leaf of a maple for a rest.

A single raindrop soaks the ground outside the
nest, which to the ants seems like a biblical flood.

A single raindrop penetrates the ground
and starts new life in a green shoot.

Henry Bladon

Henry Bladon

Henry is a writer of all types of fiction based in Somerset in the UK. He has a PhD in creative writing from the University of Birmingham and runs a writing support group for people with mental health issues. His work has been in entropy, 50WordStories, Bloodaxe, The Ekphrastic Review, thedrabble and FridayFlashFiction among other places.
Henry Bladon

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