A Song For Diphylleia Grayi, a poem by Tsingtoh at Spillwords.com

A Song For Diphylleia Grayi

A Song For Diphylleia Grayi

written by: Tsingtoh


Are you hiding from me?
Or are you showing me who you are?

You, who is a mystery to me,
Leave me wandering in this garden.

Are you lying to me?
Or are you loving me from afar?

You, who sees the misery in me,
Leave me wandering with this longing

To know you, to know me,
To love you, to love me.

“For I am unable to always remain obscured,
I long to become a transparent person.”



All due to her stingy nature of not wanting to leave even a space in her notebooks unstained with ink, Tsingtoh’s works are generally messy and a struggle to manage. But even through all this, she somehow manages to pull out an eligible piece of literature.

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