A Speck of Dust, poetry written by Mona Lisa at Spillwords.com
Hisu Lee

A Speck of Dust

A Speck of Dust

written by: Mona Lisa


I am nothing,
But a speck of magic dust,
I breathe in time,
Breathe out life,
Live in a space,
With no experience of the spaces.

I chase shadows in dark,
Under the flickering light of dawn,
Stuttered ceramic glances,
Chasing wild thoughts,
I scribble a verse or two,
They never rhyme.

I listen to the still night that hears.
The moon grows,
Shedding a silvery silk glow.
Restless Moonbeams,
Never forget to bring me dreams,
I see myself,
Still weaving a path long traveled.

I love rain,
Echoes of droplets,
Sweeping lemon petals,
I gather them up.
Invite the lonely dew that,
weeps on a blade of grass,
To be part of my celebration.

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