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A Spinning Top Unleashed

written by: Daniella Sforza



our perception
of the world before us
seeking a pure, undistilled truth
via these: our nose, mouth, eyes, ears & skin
our ubiquitous cracks and chinks...
a Blake summary of
our five feeble

to breathe,
it’s our 6th sense.
surpass and circumvent
up above all sense of reason-
yet experience without ceasing thought.
simply life un-meditated
joy un-contemplated!
of fulfillment:
to breathe.

is to see it.
one before the other
making a perfect spiraling
a whirling, swirling, beguiling, ringing,
circling round again to bring in
all sights we can begin
to see and then

Daniella Sforza

Daniella Sforza

I am a published writer, translator, poet, yoga, and photographer. I also teach yoga.
Daniella Sforza

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