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A Sudden Shift Of Fate

written by: HeliX


It catches you unprepared and you find
yourself abruptly alone in a place so
cold and desolate, the life in you cracks
like a glacial chunk of ice. But you don't
fully recall how you got there. And you
begin to question the reasons for being
in such unfavorable situation; uncertain
and confused, ruminating whether you
have gotten lost or they have abandoned



My name is Helena, I was born and raised in a beautiful city situated in the eastern part of Northwestern Bulgaria. This is where I learned to appreciate beauty for the first years of my life, as I literally grew at the foot of Vratsa Balkan Nature Reserve. Currently I am living and working as a stewardess in The Netherlands, Amsterdam. Traveling inspires me and gives me the opportunity to meet different people every day. When I am not working traveling, I work writing at home. It is my passion to put emotions into words. It's something I love, and something I do. In 2013 I created a Facebook page, initially for fun but soon I noticed that people started creating memes with some of my comments, and that gave me the idea to create and post with my own signature. It seems a lot of people show interest in my page, and because of that, I am considering to publish a book with poems, prose and quotes, hopefully this year.

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