A Tiger In A Cage, poetry by Paula Puolakka at Spillwords.com

A Tiger In A Cage

A Tiger In A Cage

written by: Paula Puolakka


The color of a ripe pumpkin has been
the tone of the clothes of Mr. Kaczynski and
Mr. Manson, for instance.

Before his death, Charles Manson asked, when
will the oppression of the likes of him stop?
It’s 2021, and nobody has answered.

Many Americans love Halloween,
Freddy Krueger,
and a zombie with a Luger,
but they despise
the white men breaking the static atmosphere of
the real-life Candyland.

You cannot say that you are the protector of light if
you are ready to deny somebody’s right to
live a life without iron bars and if you try to
force him inside a small vault.

To many Americans, the idea of a tiger in a cage is
an abomination,
but the idea of a man in one is a delight.
Who is the real-life Halloween villain:
Mr. Kaczynski,
Mr. Manson,
or the one who kept the cell door locked?

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