A Useless Wish, a poem by Adewuyi Taiwo at Spilwords.com
Abolfazl Ranjbar

A Useless Wish

A Useless Wish

written by: Adewuyi Taiwo


Every day that passes draws us closer
To when we will say goodbye

When we finally do
The river will flood its bank in my eyes

I wish we could hold time captive
I would stay with you for centuries

If you want a place to live
My dreams can accommodate you

We will be free from wandering
Since my heart is a planet for you

When I close my eyes and dream
I can see us waltzing like earth and moon
Through the vast silence of dark space

Every dusk and dawn
I always want to see your face
The rays of your eyes will be the rays of my sun

And my heart will be a beating drum
Your dances will arrest my gaze

We will be in a paradise
Where love never dies

There will be no death to separate us
And I am still making a useless wish

Because you’re going away
Fate has separated our way

If only my wish would fly on wings of paper
But it belches smoky flames instead

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