A Visit From An Angel written by Roger Turner at Spillwords.com

A Visit From An Angel

A Visit From An Angel

written by: roger turner



Bill Watson was an average man
Had a wife and just one kid
He always gave top effort
At everything he did
But, one day, Bill was shaken
He was taken by surprise
By a visit from the heavens
And it was right before his eyes
Bill, went out into his backyard
And the sky lit up so bright
It could only be an angel
Come down to him that night
He looked, but couldn’t make out
the shape that came down from the sky
He thought what was the reason
And he found no reason why
That he should get a visit
From an angel of the lord
His life was not of great importance
He was just one of the hoard
He believed and read his bible
But didn’t quite live by the word
He went to church each year at Christmas
Although his sins could not be cured
But, here in his back garden
On his knees before the light
Bill Wilson confessed his sins to god
In the dark, this Christmas night
He told the angel of his feelings
Of all the sins, of thought and deed
And he knelt there before the angel
waiting for the penance that he’d need
But, nothing broke the silence
Only Bill there in the yard
He couldn’t quite make out the angel
though he tried so very hard
Then from behind the illumination
Came the word he waited for
“You’ve tripped the motion light, you moron”
“Now, come in and close the door!”

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