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A Walk Down A (Memory) Lane

written by: Harnidh Kaur



We walk along an ordinary road,
on an ordinary day in an ordinary
city, paved road lined with pavement
dotted with amaltas and gulmohurs,
showered like a sparse carpet waiting
to be scattered by us, and I curl my
fingers around yours, breathing in
each detail, from the way the grooves
on your fingertips caress my palm,
to the way wind winds through my
hair, and yours, weaving conversations
we never got around to whispering,
to the way our feet fall in step, only
to fall out, my shorter steps stumbling
over your arching strides, till I'm just
a little breathless from keeping up,
and you, from suppressing smiles,
and I look away, quiet dread rippling
through the placid pool of memories
we tried to collect, drop after drop
sucked out of stale, dry days, and I
wonder which one of us will be the
first to forget the smell of the leaves
that trailed us on our aimless way.

Harnidh Kaur

Harnidh Kaur

Harnidh is a 21-year-old student from India.
Her first book is The Inability of Words, releasing in 2016.
Harnidh Kaur

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