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A Wall

A Wall

written by: Allie



She’s so strong.
She’s been through so much.
I never see her cry.
I don’t know how she does it.
Words, reinforcing the wall.
The wall that keeps out the world.
The wall that keeps out the past,
The wall that shuts out the feelings
The wall that other people lean against
Only someone with their own wall
Recognizes how a wall is built
Years of tragedy
Brick by brick,
Unanswered cries
Unanswered prayers
Untended wounds
Unfair judgments
Brick by brick
Layer by layer
The wall becomes a vault
The vault becomes a prison
The prison becomes a tomb
The tomb that holds the hopes, the dreams, the joys
The tomb that holds the tears, only taken out when no one is looking
The tomb that holds the last flickering candle, still burning, but small and dim
Unable to extinguish itself

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