A Wasted Treasure, a poem written by Sheri M. Stewart at Spillwords.com
Alex Iby

A Wasted Treasure

A Wasted Treasure

written by: Sheri M. Stewart


Lost somewhere in the wilderness
buried within the forests of home,
envisioning vistas foreign yet exiled
searching yet perpetually alone.
Her heart was battered and beaten
when tempted to venture outside,
she returned shattered to heal
the outward wreckage none could abide.
Secreted away in lonely dismay
tree’s foliage lean in to hide,
silent tears that spill in the quiet chill
containing secrets she can not confide.

Looking about she gathers within
Oh, such glittering treasures she has stored,
concealing debris and wreckage remains
but inside hidden, a priceless horde.
Longing, yearning simply to touch
yet finding no kindred spirit to share,
seeing, hearing outsiders soft murmurs
yet none inside, beside her to care.
Left so, she can’t venture out
so inside her prison she remains,
locked away, the world at bay
her container a ruinous stain.

What remains of a beautiful treasure
is secreted somewhere beyond reach,
outside lies tatters and ruins
causing none to desire to breach.
The irony is that what lies within
is priceless once given away,
but kept to oneself causes torment
yet forced inside she must stay.
So she silently tends to her pain
keeping her secrets at home,
full of bitter tears and fears
left in this chilled exile, alone.

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