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A Winter Tale

A Winter Tale

written by: LadyLily



Rouge-chested Robin,
his song a tonic,
sweeps on ice threaded snails,
mummified grasshoppers encased
in frozen vaults.
Terrified toads shuffle,
imprisoned by icicles.

Impatient Snowman limbo wonders, awaits
children’s palmed pat and mould.
Each crystal in his being darned perfection,
synthesized, crafted by Boreas.*

Muffled, silent breezes freeze…
Morph to blizzard bullies,
waltzing, zig-zag flakes sown
into jigsawed dreams
above aging acorns of Autumn.

Lime grasses poke iced crust
as yellow Crocus flash sherbet-lemon,
firework fountains.
Winter sun soaked Violas blue hues
melt to liquid sapphire splashes.
Scarlet berries, here! There!
Squashed to sludge by sprite-like beings,
sipping lychee flavoured liquor.

Polar, Polo Mint bear, his cheeks papier-mache grey,
chin…iceberg blue,
obsidian nose, sharp as a glass arrow,
saffron tongue licks glazed popsicles,
dipped in orange-squash.

Autumn’s empty room powdered with ghostly-strange snow.
Twigged pendants coated with sprawling Arctic sleet.
I taste copper from ice-boxed clouds
as silent icicles are honoured by a silver orbed moon…
Its aluminium frame ripples Angel fire…
Our imagination thrives on pearled wings.


 * Boreas…..Greek God of Winter

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