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Accents Of Spring

Accents of Spring

written by: LadyLily



Spring giggles its ascension
transforming to an ocean of coral.
A visible silence erupts diminishing darkness
to a sea of Gypsies kisses.
Signature gossamer petals
swallow a black, bored Winter.

Ground Elder, Bluebells, Ferns…fossilise
in undergrowth of unimaginable colours,
the sweetness of the Cowslip
rings like pearls of wind-bells.
Morning Glory’s flirt with my trellis
brooches bursting with hues.

Veils of dew sweep over tiny trophies,
like a bride’s nickel-silver train.
Rivers of Aubrietas ripple over
bumps of coppery stones,
a new showcase is delivered.
Scents pulse to the beats of my heart.

I hear the throb of Heather,
as Lavenders puff perfume,
brush-stroking light blue air.
A poet’s rendezvous, a landscape of confectionary,
Spring…a priceless Sapphire,
ready to polish.

Bluetit’s tiny beaks,
never ending letter boxes.
Woodpecker Tommy-guns a
moaning Maple.
Tulips of yellow over shade Japonica’s
green foliage, now a frock of lime.

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