Acculturation, micro fiction by Neelima K E at
Damir Spanic



written by: Neelima K E


I was a virgin on our first day together. Of course, it didn’t seem to bother him. We spoke of figs and cream and fermented cheese after; his fascination with all things living disgusted me.

He drew me a cheque when we parted. “There is the complete amount and more”, he confided with a wink and I resisted the urge to drive my heel up his arse. My husband lay waiting by the dimly lit corridor..the kids had his trolley pushed to accommodate the large stereo, I later learned.

He asked no questions while I lay restless. The decadent music had long worn me out. “So, how did it go?” I imagined him speaking in that weird lilting accent of his. “Worth the effort?” I would’ve gladly pushed him out the window had it been worth my time.

I went about heating the broth for dinner; his I watered down, not that he noticed.

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