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written by: Dilip Mohapatra



The sun no longer splinters
into million shining stars
through the prism
of the dew drops
gravitating on once
green leaves that have
now been liberated
and have fallen at the root
of the denuded tree.

Amidst the leaves
strewn around
lie our wilted kisses
our frigid sighs
our flaccid silences
and droplets of our
cold sweat that
collect in confluence
on a fecund wet soil
but to no avail.

Let me pick up my rake
and sweep them into a heap
and strike a match
to incinerate them
and turn them into
that would slowly curl up
and mix with the pollen
wafting in the air
and that way
at least I will save
them from rotting
and from
definite decadence.

Then I shall go home
recounting to myself
the happy stories
that we wrote together
and reliving
those intense moments
when we sang
in tune
with the amorous birds
that chirped on the boughs
across your window.

Dilip Mohapatra

Dilip Mohapatra

MAY 2017 / JAN-FEB 2019 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Dilip Mohapatra (b.1950), a decorated Navy Veteran started writing poems since the seventies. His initial foray into the world of literature was through poetry workshops in college and inspirations from his teacher Jayanta Mahapatra, an acclaimed poet in contemporary English. His poems have appeared in many literary journals of repute and anthologies worldwide. Some of his poems are included in the World Poetry Yearbook, 2013 and 2014 Editions. He has six poetry collections to his credit published by Authorspress, the latest being Dewdrops of Dawns, which has received raving reviews in multiple literary journals globally.
Currently his latest, a Professional book titled Campus to Corporate which is a career navigation manual for the students aspiring for a successful corporate career and for newcomers to the industry to survive and succeed has become a best seller with more than 10000 copies sold.
He lives with his wife at Pune, India.
Dilip Mohapatra

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