All Hallows Eve, poetry by Reena Mahay at
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All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve

written by: Reena Mahay



Late October night,
‘Samhain’ festival breaks in galore,
Inky and sooty nights suspend
Hazy stars in the spooky smog,
Howls of wolves from distant horizons
Play orchestra with bone chilling winds.

Creepy bats flutter in sweeps,
In crescendos do owls’ shriek.
Ghosts, goblins, ghouls stretch
Unsolicited evil – in nightmarish surrounds.
Painted faces; painted nails; painted garbs;
Darkness cloaks the sinister pagan town grotesque.

Spiky bonnet clad witches boom astride
On broomsticks all set to scare.
Black cats with sparkling marble eyes
Cast a ferocious stare.
Haunted castles tower heavenwards
Trees squeak in the creepy chill of the murky moon.

Mumming, guising and souling
Sets the eerie walk
Of the chubby bubbly squad;
Trick or Treat is the chorus of animated pranksters,
Else –
A slothful, terrifying fiendish grin well deserved.

Silhouetted hordes leap
To bewitch and grossly bemuse,
Terrify and diffuse
Blood curdling screams,
Dressed in rags and tags,
As unearthly perverted hags.

Time for the dead and spirits to stir and shake,
Tread unnervingly out of closet.
Carved pumpkins aglow
As Jack-O’-lanterns… Ho! Ho!
Processions huddle and cuddle along
Savouring nuts, apples, pancakes and candies sweet.

Apple bobbing –
What a treat!
Crops and animals scorch,
In bonfires lit to appease deities of lore.
Cauldrons bubble and spells rhyme
With raven’s ominous scary screech.

Foggy moors and burgs roar up
In resounding vile cheers riveting.
Vampires and apparitions are here to yank
And feast on blood and booze enough to shrivel.
Monsters, zombies, skeletal clowns dreadfully dance
With long petrifying fangs.

Frightful sky wraps thunderous stories
In unsettling tones of
Halloween! Halloween!
Hap Hap
Happy Halloween –
Is here in store!

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