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All In A Moment

written by: Jodie Kendrick



We lie together, in a moment, all night
Your child-sized head resting on my shoulder, feverish and hot
And in that instant I want to tell you everything.
All about the universe. All in one second.
My hopes and dreams for us.
My plans, our plans; travels and adventures.
My eyes wide open in the dark, unable to blink, staring in to darkness
Broken by moonlight tiptoeing through gaps in blinds
In that one second, in my mind I told you everything. It held all the answers.
You coughed and wheezed.
My eyes fixed open, as everything fell in to place.
“You smell nice,” he said.

Jodie K

Jodie K

An observer, listener, over-thinker.
Jodie K

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