All or Nothing Again, a poem by Amrita Valan at
Vadim Sadovski

All or Nothing Again

All or Nothing Again

written by: Amrita Valan



You can’t have it all
Or hold it all forever
Let go of the fire of love
Light the torch
Run your race
Pass it on
Never settle
Second best leaves an itch
Just race the wind
Till chest’s armour
Heartbeat pounds
The air you breathe

Time is periodic
Daily grind
Race against the clock
Holding high
Incandescent heart
Love your torch
May you pass on
This grace
Race of romance
Ebbs flows and flicks
Us through the finishing line.
Flickers of embers
In memories’ palms
Psalms of salvation
You wanted all
Or nothing at all
And fought long and hard
To hold a moment intact.



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