All The Little Things, poetry written by Rayna More at

All The Little Things

All The Little Things

written by: Rayna More


It’s been a year since you’ve gone,
since you left me here alone.
I don’t know what to do,
my mind has gone numb.

All I can do
is cry by your graveside
And dream of what we could have had,
Oh how lonely it’s grown to be.

My loneliness like a block of ice,
melting into longing.
Longing for you to come back
into my arms
and let me hold you so
we both feel okay.

It’s been a year since you’ve gone,
and I still cry with the confusion
of if I can call myself a mother or not.

How I wish you were still here
to have the beautiful reassurance
Of your small hands in mine
And your name being cooed,
rather than on a headstone.

I cry for all the things
I never got to learn,
All the birthdays I’m going to miss
and the ‘I love you’s’
that should’ve been shared.

I wish I could’ve been able
to pick you up when you fall.
To read you stories when you sleep,
to walk you to and from school.

I’m sorry that you’re gone,
that I couldn’t make you stay
I hope you’ll welcome me with open arms
when I see you again, come my day.

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