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All These Things Are Broken

All These Things Are Broken

written by: Jackie Oldham


The World—
Africa splitting in two,
Mainline US coasts
and Alaska sinking, too.

Arctic Permafrost melting;
Europe in a heatwave baking.

People with guns
Spilling the blood and guts
of family, friends, and
Strangers who

Spoke one wrong word
Or no words at all,
Or simply gave a look,

Breaking the shooter’s
Sense of self, worth, balance,

Not knowing
or caring

That the World
Never stops moving
and shaking.

In a Universe constantly expanding

Everything breaks

But is recast
and reshaped

Into something new.

Jackie Oldham

Jackie Oldham

Jackie Oldham (she/her) is a writer from Baltimore, Maryland. Her personal blog, baltimoreblackwoman (WordPress), about life, family, and events in her hometown, is in its 8th year. Since 2018, her focus has shifted to poetry. Her poems have been published in Global Poemic, Oddball Magazine, Rigorous, and Her first contribution to an anthology, "Ode to Lucille Clifton," was published in the book, A Fighting Place, A Loving Place, A Charmer: The Baltimore Anthology (Belt Publishing, Cleveland, OH, June 2022).
Jackie Oldham

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