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Always and Forever

Always and Forever

written by: Juliya Susan Jose


Beguiles me in a slow pace
Still striving to turn back
Yet glued upon his doting face
Chills me like an ice pack.
Lost in his gentle stroke
Floating like a sail
And the passion broke
Laved out all ail.
Farther or closer it seems
Suffices all by an embrace
Exhilarated in all means
With one fondle trace.
Be my sunshine,
Diminish my pain.

Moving through a fantasy isle
Where no being to care for
Blatantly showered our smile
From the heart’s core.
Lavishing along the sand
In a jovial mood
Confabulating insane mind
Puzzled how to conclude.
Casting a faded shadow
Of us closely entwined
Cuddling me as a pillow
In a trance, unraveled.
Be my shining twinkle,
With a colossal sparkle.

The yearning is about to end
Farewell to all fascination
My craving made me tend
Towards the destination.
My heartbeats throbbing
Like a rhythmic clock
I spotted his hair waving
Glide me to memories back.
Phenomenal as always
Hues of his delicate hair
Set me in a besotted gaze
Shedding a drop of tear.
Be my beloved reveries,
Unleash my queries.

This is it! My love
Reaching close to me
Like a white winged dove
Immersed me in glee.
Caressing my tangled curls
With his tenderly touch
Googling at my eyeballs
I, Seized by his clutch.
Weaving my quivered fingers
With his softened snatch
Flashing signs of simpers
Our longing lips match.
Always and ever,
Be mine forever.

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