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Always You

Always You

written by: Aishwarya Chauhan


Outside of the windows
The white layer of snow
The cold wind blows
Temperature is low

In our bedroom
The smell of your perfume
Like fresh flowers bloom
No such word like gloom

Apple firewoods
Burning so bright
Having our favourite foods
In candles light

You and I, in our bed
You’re being romantic
You lick the ice cream that I had
By your tongue, from my bottom lip

We make love till midnight
Holding each other tight
Tired, we fall asleep
Awake when alarm clocks beep

Snow-fall has turned in scary snow-storm
It’s good because now you won’t leave
We drink coffee in our bed, that feels so warm
It feels like a story that, in nights, I used to weave

The storm stops, the sun’s shining
The weather changes
You’ll leave now and get back in the evening
But it feels like ages

You osculate me on my neck
While, your office bag, I pack
It’s our daily routine, I know
But I hate it when you go

You haven’t gone yet
I’m already missing you
There’s no part left of your face
Where I’m not kissing you

You pull me in a soft embrace
Though all I want to see your face
You leave but I feel you’re still here
All of a sudden, I find myself surrounded by an unknown fear

To forget this fear, Holding your shirt
I’m dancing on your favourite song
The phone rings, it’s you
You say nothing, but I feel something’s wrong

We do all the same things
Even after a year (Imagination)
The only thing is different
That you’re not here (Realization)

While saving a stranger, that day you died
You’re still alive, and this is not a lie
You live in my thoughts, in my tears
There’s only your name in my prayers

Now, I’m only waiting to be found by the death
I want to set my injured soul free
So that I can be born again
And you and I can meet for coffee

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