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written by: Nonso



I have a lot to say, why drown me out?
I have a lot to say, why tune me out?
I have a lot to do, why shut me down?
I have a lot to do, why ruin me now?
You drown me out, what do I say?
You tune me out, what do I say?
You shut me down, what do I do?
You ruin me now, what do I do?
I’m trying to say things, why won’t you let me?
I’m trying to say everything, why won’t you leave me?
I’m trying to do things, why would you stop me?
I’m trying to do everything, why discourage me?
If you let me, would I say things?
If you allow me, would I say everything?
If you won’t stop me, would I do things?
If you don’t discourage me, would I try everything?
Isn’t that the dilemma?
Isn’t that the enigma?
Isn’t that the conundrum?
Isn’t that the paradox?
Is the dilemma so grand?
Is the enigma so large?
Is the conundrum so vast?
Is the paradox immense?



I have a vivid imagination. There are words dancing around my head aching to be let out. Everything inside of me is bursting to be let out and I let it out in words. I always let it out from what I like to call my weird head. I have been reading books since I was a child and a few years ago I decided to start writing. Life is so complex, it cannot be looked at from one point of view; that is just stunted.

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