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America Is Dying

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America Is Dying

written by: Peggy Gerber


America is burning
from sea to shining sea.
The ocean storms are churning,
the devil has been set free.

America is burning,
skies blaze orange, no longer blue.
Our poor Earth that we’ve been spurning
is now damaged through and through.

America is burning,
dark gray embers steal our breath.
All the violent storms are warning
global warming could be our death.

The deadly fires rage out of control.
Our days glow black as night.
For the sake of all the children we love,
we must begin to do what is right.

America is burning!

Peggy Gerber

Peggy Gerber

Peggy Gerber began her writing career in order to fill the void created when she became an empty nester. She is currently a poet and short story writer, and co-creator of Champagne Writers, a group for writers of a certain age. She has been published previously on Spillwords, as well as Potato Soup Journal, 101words, Daily Science Fiction, Friday Flash Fiction and others.
Peggy Gerber

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