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An Age Old Dream

written by: Hasmukh Mehta


Where are we today?
still, a long way to go
we have witnessed no upheaval
and nothing has gone well

we are where we were
still living under fear
can't venture out in open
the hell has not turned into heaven

we are strangulated
and done away as ill-fated
we are not allowed to born
and stand as torn apart

we are empowered
but not offered
the honor to live
and firmly believe

so much water has flowed in the river Ganges
yet even as of today, we have failed to manage
even though, we are painted with the gold ink on the page
our dream still remains an age-old dream

Hasmukh Mehta

Hasmukh Mehta

I am a Poet from India. I have 19000 poems to my credit so far. No book published yet.
Hasmukh Mehta

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