An Anecdote of A Sinner, poetry by Rifa at
Raychel Sanner

An Anecdote of A Sinner

An Anecdote of A Sinner

written by: Rifa


Drifting along the road of life
Vast and wide,
Patched and thatched,
Leaping forward swiftly along the swings of time
Curious to unveil
What lies ahead!
Holding the zeal for impending future,
A blaze from the past flare
A bolt of thundering
Deluging the present
Fogging the future
What was that rumbling
That fettered the eventful ride
Of life?
Alas!!! Was it a flash of past
Arresting the ride of present
Or perhaps the remorse of a sinful act?
Or an irremediable flaw blemishing
The yesterdays?
The thunder’s flare clenched its claws
Pulling back to the musings of past
Tainted of guilt,
Evoking the scruples of an
Uneventful yesteryear.


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