An Unforgettable Day, a poem by Josiah Yakubu Yaksport at
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An Unforgettable Day

An Unforgettable Day

written by: Josiah Yakubu Yaksport



The sky totally changed murky
Houses, and schools were set ablaze;
Everyone in the market was in a hurry
We saw our neighbour shot dead;

With tears in our eyes,
We took his body away;
Tears were falling from the sky,
Our teacher too was shot down the lane;

Men were burned with fire like bush meat,
For our men’s flesh putrid;
We saw dogs and swine eat carcasses,
We cried both women, lads, and lasses;

We saw armies trooping,
Into the city with their war tanks;
And that made us keep believing,
Although it wasn’t a smooth shiny track;

Now the main road we cannot cross,
For our hunters were everywhere;
We cried for help but there was none,
All hope was lost like a lily in the mere;

It is a day we will live to tell the story,
Of how we were hurt by people so Conny;
This happened somewhere in the north,
We’ll never forget the men we have lost.

Josiah Yakubu Yaksport

Josiah Yakubu Yaksport

My name is Josiah Yakubu Yaksport. I was born on February, 10th 1995. I came from the northeastern part of Nigeria where there is so much insecurity. I'm a student of international relations in the Nigerian Army University Biu, Borno State in the northeastern part of the country. I'm an indigene of Mallar, Bogoro Local Government Bauchi State. And I'm currently a resident of Maryam, Tafawa Balewa Bauchi state Nigeria.
Josiah Yakubu Yaksport

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