An Unforgettable Day, a poem by Josiah Yakubu Yaksport at
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An Unforgettable Day

An Unforgettable Day

written by: Josiah Yakubu Yaksport



The sky totally changed murky
Houses, and schools were set ablaze;
Everyone in the market was in a hurry
We saw our neighbour shot dead;

With tears in our eyes,
We took his body away;
Tears were falling from the sky,
Our teacher too was shot down the lane;

Men were burned with fire like bush meat,
For our men’s flesh putrid;
We saw dogs and swine eat carcasses,
We cried both women, lads, and lasses;

We saw armies trooping,
Into the city with their war tanks;
And that made us keep believing,
Although it wasn’t a smooth shiny track;

Now the main road we cannot cross,
For our hunters were everywhere;
We cried for help but there was none,
All hope was lost like a lily in the mere;

It is a day we will live to tell the story,
Of how we were hurt by people so Conny;
This happened somewhere in the north,
We’ll never forget the men we have lost.

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