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Anatomy of A Heartbreak

Anatomy of A Heartbreak

written by: Henna Johansdotter


February: He’s left you a wishbone on your pillow. You’re not sure what to do with it so you stick it between your ribs, feeling the sharp end shift with every move, scraping against the aorta. You hold your breath while sleeping and do not stir as the dreams pass by like headlights, colliding into the mist.

May: You pull out your teeth as not to hurt him anymore. He says your silence is ugly and suggests you keep your mouth open.

August: He draws surgical lines on your body.
“See? This is where I wish you loved me.”
Outside the operating theater, you panic and run, not looking behind as he calls you back. The hallways are roaring. This is not your home.

October: The rains come and you’re picking up the pieces, a trail of breadcrumbs leading you into desertion.

December: Your reflection glows back at you from the pond, clearer than ever without him peering over your shoulder. The wishbone flutters within you like a compass needle, pointing out your path. You find your own way of being lost.



Photography – Kevin Laminto

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