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written by: Jim Bellamy


Were we really rain that night
Or did we
Simply trade our words for clouds?
We were not seen
To dream of common storms
And, calmly,
As if it were wrong to scream,
Gaped notes of Passion,
With skin set to war scapes
And eyes
Robed in chapel lashes…
I believe our thunder was a lie
In certainties,
Wailing over shadows of growth
But tending a jungle of drought…
We were never rained…
We could never have been…
But the madness of time burns deep in
As this widow
Hammers our veins…

Jim Bellamy

Jim Bellamy

Jim Bellamy was born in a storm in 1972. He studied hard and sat entrance exams for Oxford University. Jim has won three full awards for his poems. Jim has a fine frenzy for poetry and has written in excess of 22,000 poems. Jim adores the art of poetry. He lives for prosody.
Jim Bellamy

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