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Another Day One

written by: Nick Searles



You are obsessive and I knew it
You were on a balcony and I blew it.
In the limo and told the driver to just go for a ride.
We stayed back there just to hide, hide, hide.
That was Day One,
Day One.

My favorite date and time were Day One.
Connecting on first sight had my heart a tappin'
Without Day One nothing would have happened.
We sat consumed and facing the moon.
Because of Day One,
Day One.
I want another Day One

Can we jumpstart, live it all over again?
The crash and burn talk busts open my head.
I envision your face and I hear your breathing.
We can do another Day One and get on in the healing.
Because of Day One,
Day One.
I want another Day One

Speaking the truth gets on with the breathing
Another Day One will begin with me kneeling.
There was a night we floated to our landing
Out of body experience, oh we are so demanding.
Because of Day One,
Day One.
I want another Day One

We just did
and we did
and we'll do it again.
Another Day One
Another Day One

On another hill with you facing a moon.
Another balcony but this time we forego the room.
A bunch of your obsession with a dash of consumed.
Get into that limo and tell the driver to zoom
For another Day One
Day One.
I want another Day One.

Nick Searles

Nick Searles

Been writing for decades and looking for a way to, as they say Get Me Out There.
Nick Searles

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