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Another Time

written by: Michael Arundel



Another time, in some other place, another void, in an empty space.
Another tie, becomes unbound, another loss, that can’t be found.
Another promise, which couldn’t keep, another secret, buried deep.
Another dream, becomes a thought, another chance, life’s too short.
Another day, in a month of weeks, another answer, left to seek.
Another lesson, still to learn, another bridge, that’s built to burn.
Another soul, let’s go, releases, another heart, in broken pieces.
Another question, never known, another lifetime, all alone…

Michael Arundel

Michael Arundel

Michael Arundel is a born storyteller from deep within the South Wales Valleys, this songwriter and lyricist turned author, captivates the imagination with a long awaited debut book entitled "That Ant on the Table".

Mike is currently in the process of writing another children’s book called “A Web with a View” and a book of poetry and images entitled “Pages to Ponder and Peruse, Amuse and Bemuse”...
Michael Arundel

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