Answers in the Search II - Thin Gray Line at

Answers In The Search II – Thin Gray Line

Answers in the Search II

Thin Gray Line

written by: Benjamin R Bray



I should have known
Even in the darkness
I am alone

It is blinding
It is deafening
It is numbing

If there is anyone here
I’ll never find them

There is no escaping loneliness

In the end you
Are all of you

No one else resides within

You are
At all times
A singular being

Alone and loneliness
Are not the same

But even within this darkness
I can see the thin gray line
Between the two


Part 2 of the five part series: Answers in the Search

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Benjamin R Bray

Benjamin R Bray

Writing my way through life's journey; finding inspiration in the people who make me feel like I deserve to be here. In their unconditional love that I find what little strength I feel I have to face this overwhelming world. Through my writing I find escape in expression of anything I'm feeling at the moment the pen makes contact with the paper.
Benjamin R Bray
This publication is part 2 of 5 in the series Answers in the Search