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written by: M. Jay Dixit



oh! rain, you are here
now stop rapping at my door
I’m coming out

sober blue evening
gradually bleeds rosé wine
and gets drunk to night

at time of eclipse
a little girl asks me why
the moon looks angry

crowd cheers the old man
moonwalking on the pavement
tree’s sunset shadow

cold dim–amber skies
of a December evening
turn hot–red embers.

mild curious breeze
ruffles my hair with cold hands
I miss your warm kiss

flood of sunlight falls
on her face as she sleeps late
pretty as the dawn

clouds become black drapes
with roughly woven holes and
moon peeps from behind

morning sun rays
shimmer on a web of spider
waiting for breakfast

M. Jay Dixit

M. Jay Dixit

M. Jay Dixit is a 21-year-old engineering undergrad and aspiring poet from Bhopal, India. His poems have appeared in Sage Cigarettes Magazine, Terror House Magazine and The Drabble. He loves cruising around on his motorbike and listening to Rolling Stones. He has a poetry blog and writes poetry because he loves it. He can't imagine a world without poetry, he thinks it'd be like a world without sunsets. Most of his poems start from a situation--something he has heard or seen while going through his life. In the end, he is trying to explore the answers to his questions by writing as truthfully as he can.
M. Jay Dixit

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